E-mail security

We probably all have noticed that many e-mail accounts are getting hacked. At the minimum this is an embarrassing annoyance; it can also be catastrophic, as when hackers delete all mails and contacts, or manage to extract information about bank accounts etc. So we strongly encourage all of us to take a very simple step of protecting our accounts with “2-step verification”. When one logs in to one’s e-mail from an unfamiliar computer, one will need an additional code, which can be texted to one’s mobile phone. So, a would-be hacker, unless he steals one’s cell phone, will not be able to access one’s account. This code will not be needed for one’s usual computer.

Following are some links for common and popular e-mail services, on how and why to set up 2-step verification.

Some of us have already been hacked, and for others, it may be any day now. Let’s take this simple step to protect ourselves.