Monthly Schedule: July 2017

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The month will be filled with a variety of programs and visiting swamis. The annual summer camp will take place the first three weeks of July, interspersed with our Fourth of July celebration, visits from Swami Vimokshananda from Singapore and Swami Ishatmananda from Chicago, and a musical concert by renowned vocalist Dr. Sugata Marjit. We will close the month with a one-day meditation retreat. Other programs will be:

Sunday Lectures

 2 Swami Atmajnanananda :         The Holy Name of God VI

9 Swami Brahmarupananda:  The Sage of Steady Wisdom V

16 Swami Ishatmananda* : Sri Ramakrishna      Our Guru Maharaj

 * Swami Ishatmananda is Spiritual Head of the Vivekananda Vedanta Society of Chicago. He will be visiting the Vedanta Center from July 14 to 16 and will be conducting a retreat on Saturday, July 15.

Please see under Special Programs.           

 23 Swami Chidbrahmananda :            Wisdom Perspectives

 30 Meditation Retreat

Please see under Special Programs
Special Programs

4 Fourth of July Celebration

  11 am: Special Program
 Noon: Puja, Flower Offerings & Bhajans
 1:30 pm: Prasad


11 to 13 Visit of Swami Vimokshananda*
 * Swami Vimokshananda is head of the Ramakrishna Mission, Singapore. He will be staying at the Vedanta Center from July 11 to 13. Please join us for satsang and potluck dinner while he is here.

15 Retreat with Swami Ishatmananda

   Topic: From Creation to the Creator

10:00–10:15 Welcome, Introduction, Prayers
10:15–11:00 Guided Meditation
Refreshment break
11:30–12:30 Discourse 1
12:30–1:00 Question-Answer Session
1:00–2:00 Lunch
2:00–2:30 Devotional Music
2:30–3:30 Discourse 2
3:30–4:00 Question-Answer Session


15 Music concert
7:30 pm: Classical Indian Vocal Music       
By Sugata Marjit, a distinguished musician and educationalist from Kolkata, followed by refreshments


30 Meditation Retreat
10-10:45 am: 1. Readings and meditation
10:45-11 am: Tea and coffee break
11-11:45 am: 2. Readings and meditation
11:45 am-12:30 pm: Reflection/ reading
12:30-1 pm: Lunch
1-1:45 pm: 3. Readings and meditation


1 Ram Nam Sankir­tan:
         7:30 PM: Chanting of Ram Nam Sankirtan will begin after evening arati and med­i­ta­tion. All are invited to stay for pot-luck din­ner following the program.

Wednesday Class 8:00 PM

12 Satsang with Swami Vimokashananda


Friday Class 8:00 PM

7 Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna
 14 Satsang with Swami Ishatmananda
 21 Bhagavad Gita
28 Life of Holy Mother

Monthly Schedule: August 2017

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The month will be a little quiet after our July Vedanta Yoga Summer Camp and two visiting swamis. Pravrajika Satchitpranaji from Sri Sarada Math, our guest speaker for our Labor Day Weekend Retreat (on Sunday and Monday this year), will be spending a few days with us at the end of the month before we head off to the retreat on September 3 and 4. Don’t forget to fill out your registration forms and get them back to us as soon as possible. They will be available at the center or can be downloaded from our Web site.

Our programs for the month will be:

Sunday Lectures

6 Swami Chidbrahmananda:         Healthy Relationships     
13 Swami Brahmarupananda:       The Sage of Steady Wisdom VI
20 Swami Atmajnanananda:          The Holy Name of God VII
27 Swami Brahmarupananda:        The Sage of Steady Wisdom VII

 5 Ram Nam Sankir­tan:
         7:30 PM: Chanting of Ram Nam Sankirtan will begin after evening arati and med­i­ta­tion. All are invited to stay for pot-luck din­ner following the program.

Wednesday Class 8:00 PM

Friday Class 8:00 PM
4 Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna
11 Bhagavad Gita
18 Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna
25 Life of Holy Mother

Vedanta Medical Clinic
The Vedanta Medical Clinic offers free medical services to all, regardless of income level, insurance coverage, or immigration status. To make an appointment, please call 240-516-6726.

Karma Yoga: We invite you to join us Saturday mornings from 9 am to 1 pm in performing various weekly chores of the center: maintenance, gardening and landscaping, cleaning, office work, etc. With the completion of the new temple, the need for volunteer help is greater than ever. Please consider becoming a regular member of our karma yoga team. Also, we need volunteers to help with setup and cleanup before and after the Sunday lecture.

Temple Hours: The shrine room in the new temple will be open for morning meditation at 5 am and daily Puja at 7:45 am, and will remain open throughout the day until the close of evening meditation at 8 pm. Evening arati begins at 6:30 pm. Devotees may enter through the double doors at the main entrance to the temple or through the front door entrance to the Center. All are welcome.

Parents with small children are welcome to watch the Sunday lecture on the movie screen in the lower level of the temple while their child­ren are free to quietly play.

Grocery Gift Cards: We urge all of you to take part in our gift card program. Gift cards for Giant and Gift certificates for Lotte/Assi Plaza may be purchased at the Center following the Sunday lecture or during visiting hours, and are used just like a debit card when purchasing groceries. This is an important part of our monthly income and a way to support the Center at no cost to you. Those who would like to help in the sale of cards may contact Ranajit Pal at (301) 330-1634.

Audio recordings:  Please go to our website for the latest  lecture recordings .