Opening Status of  the Vedanta Center

Regarding the present circumstances related to the pandemic, it seems that the best approach for all of us to take is the “Stay at Home” approach. Accordingly, we will be keeping the center closed to the public until further notice and requesting all of you to only go out if absolutely necessary.  

During this very difficult period, we hope and pray you are all well, safe, and adjusting to life with so many restriction. We know that for many of you the Vedanta Center is a great place of refuge and source of comfort, and we will try to start making lectures, classes, and programs available to you through online presentations. Please note that some of the timings will be different as well as classes. Once things return to normal and we can all meet at the center, we will go back to our regular schedule. In the meantime, the center will be closed for classes and lectures, but available for visits to the center for meditation or short visits. If you do come, please observe all the guidelines for safe distancing, hand-washing, etc.

Class­es and lec­tures at the Vedan­ta Cen­ter of Greater Wash­ing­ton, DC will con­tin­ue in elec­tron­ic for­mat. The videos can be viewed at the time of the sched­uled class­es on the Vedan­ta DC youtube chan­nel. The class­es will remain post­ed indef­i­nite­ly and can be viewed at any time. The chan­nel can be accessed by going to and search­ing for “Vedan­tadc” or from the fol­low­ing link:

Our April schedule will be:

Sun­day Lec­tures: 11 am
5 Ram Nava­mi, Vedan­ta Cen­ter Foun­da­tion Day:  short talk and Puja
12 Swa­mi Chid­brah­manan­da
19 Swa­mi Atma­jna­na­nanda
Holy Moth­er to the Res­cue
26 Swa­mi Brahma­rupa­nanda
Tait­tiriya Upanisad III

Wednes­day Night Class: 8 pm
Bha­gavadgi­ta with Swa­mi Brahma­rupa­nanda

Fri­day Night Class: 8 pm
Gospel of Sri Rama­kri­shna with Swa­mi Atma­jna­na­nanda

Thurs­day Morn­ing Class: 11 am
Inte­ri­or Cas­tles by Saint Tere­sa of Avi­la with Swa­mi Chid­brah­manan­da


Tem­ple Hours: The shrine room in the new tem­ple will be open for morn­ing med­i­ta­tion at 5 am and dai­ly Puja at 7:45 am, and will remain open through­out the day until the close of evening med­i­ta­tion at 8 pm. Evening arati begins at 6:30 pm. Devo­tees may enter through the dou­ble doors at the main entrance to the tem­ple or through the front door entrance to the Cen­ter. All are wel­come.

Par­ents with small chil­dren are wel­come to watch the Sun­day lec­ture on the movie screen in the low­er lev­el of the tem­ple while their chil­dren are free to qui­et­ly play.

Gro­cery Gift Cards: We urge all of you to take part in our gift card pro­gram. Gift cards for Giant and Gift cer­tifi­cates for Lotte/Assi Plaza may be pur­chased at the Cen­ter fol­low­ing the Sun­day lec­ture or dur­ing vis­it­ing hours, and are used just like a deb­it card when pur­chas­ing gro­ceries. This is an impor­tant part of our month­ly income and a way to sup­port the Cen­ter at no cost to you. Those who would like to help in the sale of cards may con­tact Rana­jit Pal at (301) 330-1634.

Audio record­ings:  Please go to our web­site for the lat­est  lec­ture record­ings .