Vedanta Center program for July 2020

We at the Vedan­ta Cen­ter hope all of you are well and enjoy­ing the class­es and lec­tures on YouTube while we are wait­ing for a safe time to reopen the cen­ter. We plan on con­tin­u­ing the same for­mat for the month of July as before with all class­es and lec­tures online. We have list­ed below all of the per­ti­nent infor­ma­tion. You can also go direct­ly to our Web­site and click on the link on the Home Page to get to the YouTube talks. 
Our Fourth of July cel­e­bra­tion will be avail­able via live stream­ing. We hope to have a spe­cial video pre­sen­ta­tion by the sum­mer camp kids as well as Puja.
July 5 is Guru Purn­i­ma. We will be show­ing a lec­ture by Swa­mi Sar­vade­vanan­da­ji, Spir­i­tu­al Head of the Vedan­ta Soci­ety of South­ern Cal­i­for­nia, on Youtube at 11 am: 
We will con­tin­ue to keep the tem­ple doors open through­out the day for those who would like to attend morn­ing wor­ship or evening arati, or would like to sit in the tem­ple dur­ing the day. We encour­age all of  you to fol­low all of the guide­lines regard­ing safe dis­tanc­ing, wear­ing masks, hand-wash­ing, etc.
Our 11 am Sun­day lec­tures and pro­grams in July will be:
4 Fourth of July Cel­e­bra­tion: 11 am children’s pro­gram; noon Puja
5 Swa­mi Sar­vade­vanan­da: The Guru’s Role in our Lives 
12 Swa­mi Brahma­rupa­nanda: Wor­ship of the Virat
19 Swa­mi Atma­jna­na­nanda: Swa­mi Ramakr­ish­nanan­da: The Ide­al of Devot­ed Ser­vice
26 Swa­mi Chid­brah­manan­da: Beginner’s Mind
Links for all pro­grams, lec­tures, and class­es:
Mon­day @ 8pm
     Vivekacu­d­amani with Sw. A.
Tues­day @ 11am
     Teach­ings of Swa­mi Vivek­a­nanda with Sw. A.
Wednes­day @ 8pm
     Bha­gavad Gita with Sw. B.
Thurs­day @ 11am 
     Inte­ri­or Cas­tles - St. Tere­sa of Avi­la with Sw. C.
Fri­day @ 8pm
     Gospel of Sri Rama­kri­shna with Sw. A.
Sun­day @ 11 am
     Swa­mi Sarvadevananda’s lec­ture:
     Week­ly Lec­ture with Sw. A, B, or C:
July 4 11 am

Temple Hours:

The shrine room in the new tem­ple will be open for morn­ing med­i­ta­tion at 5 am and dai­ly Puja at 7:45 am, and will remain open through­out the day until the close of evening med­i­ta­tion at 8 pm. Evening arati begins at 6:30 pm. Devo­tees may enter through the dou­ble doors at the main entrance to the tem­ple or through the front door entrance to the Cen­ter. All are wel­come.

Par­ents with small chil­dren are wel­come to watch the Sun­day lec­ture on the movie screen in the low­er lev­el of the tem­ple while their chil­dren are free to qui­et­ly play.

Gro­cery Gift Cards: We urge all of you to take part in our gift card pro­gram. Gift cards for Giant and Gift cer­tifi­cates for Lotte/Assi Plaza may be pur­chased at the Cen­ter fol­low­ing the Sun­day lec­ture or dur­ing vis­it­ing hours, and are used just like a deb­it card when pur­chas­ing gro­ceries. This is an impor­tant part of our month­ly income and a way to sup­port the Cen­ter at no cost to you. Those who would like to help in the sale of cards may con­tact Rana­jit Pal at (301) 330-1634.

Audio record­ings:  Please go to our web­site for the lat­est  lec­ture record­ings .