On the Four Yogas:
A poem by Abir Muhuri

(Based upon the book The Teachings of Swami Vivekananda)

To nurture and blossom the divine within
That is the sole goal of one’s religion
To unite with God and join in his grace
Is up to our own experimentation

The ways to divinity stretch to infinity
As each person is a wave among the oceans
The mindsets and roles, the moods and souls
Are so colorful in this vast creation

As many as the ways are, there are a few to be named
That may appeal to a rainbow of souls
Karma, Bhakti, Jnana, and Raja
Four yogas that one can unfold

Karma Yoga is the path of duty and service
That is washed from bondage and slavery
But it’s not dry like sand, so harsh and coarse
For one serves for the supreme divinity

Work without expecting a grand pot of gold
Just work with utmost focus and love
Whether you teach or play, cook or pray
Do it for the lord within and above

Bhakti Yoga is the path of overflowing love
Crying out to the lord, enveloped in his name
Love any deity that you feel is natural
For all are one and the same

Bhakti makes us happy, no matter what life throws
For one will love god in an infinite flow
This love will shine and resonate around
And when pain hits, the cure we will know

Jnana Yoga is seeking with reason and knowledge
Knowing that nothing is separate but one
Diversity is unity, Differences are the same
Search for union, more complete than the sun

Raja Yoga is controlling and taming the mind
Whether through meditation or japa, or something of that kind
Control your mind, control your destiny
Your potential for excellence flies to eternity

These four paths have been laid in an open light
To plan and customize is the seeker’s own right
There may be cuts and bruises on the way
But rejoice in each moment of every divine day

—Abir Muhuri