Sri Ramakrishna on the Knowledge of the Absolute

The attainment of the Absolute is called the Knowledge of Brahman. But it is extremely difficult to acquire. One cannot acquire the Knowledge of Brahman unless he completely rids himself of his attachment to the world. When the Divine Mother was born as the daughter of King Himalaya, she showed her various forms to her father. The king said, “I want to see Brahman.” Thereupon the Divine Mother said: “Father, if that is your desire, then you must seek the company of holy men. You must go into solitude, away from the world, and now and then live in holy company.”

The manifold has come from the One alone, the relative from the Absolute. There is a state of consciousness where the many disappears, and the One as well; for the many must exist as long as the One exists. Brahman is without comparison. It is impossible to explain Brahman by analogy. It is between light and darkness. It is Light, but not the light that we perceive, not material light.

From The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, p. 307.