Swami Brahmananda on Meditation

Practice japa and meditation regularly. Do not miss even one day. The mind is like a spoiled child—always restless. Try repeatedly to steady it by fixing it on the Chosen Ideal, and at last you will become absorbed in him. If you continue your practice for two or three years, you will begin to feel an unspeakable joy and the mind will become steady. In the beginning the practice of japa and meditation seems dry. It is like taking bitter medicine. You must forcibly pour the thought of God into your mind; then as you persist, you will be flooded with joy. …

The effect of meditation is inevitable. You are bound to get results if you practice japa with devotion, or even without it, for devotion will follow. Continue your practice regularly for a little longer. You will find peace. One’s health also improves if one meditates.

Meditation, in the primary stage, is like waging a war with the mind. With effort the restless mind has to be brought under control and placed at the feet of the Lord. But in the beginning, take care that you do not overtax your brain. Go slowly, then gradually intensify your effort. Through regular practice, the mind will become steady, and meditation will be easier. You will no longer feel any strain even while sitting for long hours in contemplation.

Just as after deep sleep a man feels refreshed in body and mind, so will you feel refreshed after meditation, and there will follow an intense experience of happiness.

—The Eternal Companion