The Real Temple of the Lord
Swami Premananda

We should never forget that our real object is to enshrine the Lord in the heart of every man in the world, for the real temple of the Lord is the human heart. There within the heart of every man the ground has to be consecrated, for it has been defiled by the profanity of worldly desires and pleasures. There on that consecrated ground let the temple of Divine Communion be raised and the overflowing bliss of the Supreme Good reign. Infinite Bliss from within, that is the idea. Let the devotee be flooded over by this Bliss from within. Preaching is real only when this Bliss provides for its own preaching. One devotee overflowing from within with this Divine Bliss is worth a million dollars of propagandist devices. One real temple raised in the human heart is worth dozens of temples built outside. Remember that our object is really to raise the temple from within.

I pray that our Lord may shower His blessings upon you more and more, as He is doing, till your life becomes pervaded through and through by a blessedness which is His love, which is He Himself. May you be submerged in the reality of His Presence. With loving blessings to all,

Yours in the Lord,
(From a letter written to Sister Devamata,
reproduced from Days in an Indian Monastery)