A note on fonts and typing Sanskrit

We use Itrans­la­tor for typ­ing San­skrit. Devel­oped at Omkaranan­da Ashram in Rishikesh, along with a beau­ti­ful San­skrit font called San­skrit 2003, the pro­gram con­verts text entered in “itrans” for­mat (using a stan­dard key­board) into Devana­gari and stan­dard translit­er­a­tion. For exam­ple, “OM namaH shiv­Aya” will con­vert to “ॐ नमः शिवाय” and “om namaḥ śivāya”. The San­skrit 2003 font con­tains hun­dreds of con­junct forms, for good ren­der­ing of San­skrit. The pro­gram and font can be down­loaded here free of charge.

For typ­ing Ben­gali, we have found the Rupali key­board lay­out to be easy to learn, as it match­es the Eng­lish key­board where pos­si­ble. It can be down­loaded free of charge. Very few Ben­gali fonts con­tain the ava­gra­ha char­ac­ter, which is need­ed for prop­er writ­ing of San­skrit. One of them is BenSen, which can be down­loaded here.

We have found a very use­ful online tool which can translit­er­ate from one Indic script to anoth­er. We use it espe­cial­ly to ren­der San­skrit hymns in Ben­gali script. Some minor proof­read­ing may be required, to add ওঁ (om) and to con­vert য to য় where need­ed (“ja” to “ya”).