Swami Swahananda

Swami Swahananda (1921 - 2012)

Swami Swahananda in 2008

Swa­mi Swa­hanan­da in 2008

Swa­mi Swa­hanan­da, founder and head of the Vedan­ta Cen­ter of Greater Wash­ing­ton DC—and also head of the Vedan­ta Soci­ety of South­ern Cal­i­for­nia, Hol­ly­wood, and Vivek­a­nanda Retreat, Ridge­ly—was a very senior monk of the Rama­kri­shna Order. Born in 1921 in Habi­ganj in what is now Bangladesh, he received ini­ti­a­tion from Swa­mi Vij­nananan­da, a direct dis­ci­ple of Sri Rama­kri­shna. He joined the Order in 1947 and was ordained a san­nyasin in 1956. He came to the Unit­ed States in 1968, and was head of the Hol­ly­wood cen­ter from 1976 to 2012. He left his body on Octo­ber 19, 2012.