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New Temple Inauguration: April 19-21, 2013

It is with great joy that we announce the inau­gu­ra­tion pro­gram of our new tem­ple, to take place dur­ing the week­end of April 19 to 21, 2013. The main wor­ship will be on Sat­ur­day April 20, the aus­pi­cious day of Ram-nava­­mi, also the found­ing day of our cen­ter. The pro­gram will also spe­cial­ly cel­e­brate Swa­mi […]

Teachings of Sri Ramakrishna in Eight Aphorisms
Swami Harshananda

Swa­mi Har­shanan­da com­posed eight sutras embody­ing the essence of Sri Ramakrishna’s teach­ings. They are pre­sent­ed here­with. (From the Vedan­ta Kesari, Decem­ber 2011) Swa­mi Brahma­rupa­nanda has been giv­ing a series of talks on this sub­ject: lis­ten here. ईश्वरोऽस्त्येवः स एव सत्यम्॥१॥ तं द्रष्टुं ज्ञातुं तेन सह आलापं कर्तुं च साध्यम्॥२॥ ईश्वरदर्शनं साक्षात्कारश्च जीवनस्य लक्ष्यम्॥३॥ तद्दर्शनेन साक्षात्कारेण […]

The 108 Names of Rāma

We sing the 108 names of Sri Rama month­ly, usu­al­ly on the first Sat­ur­day of the month, after evening arati. All are wel­come to join us. Swa­mi Brah­manan­da insti­tut­ed this tra­di­tion in monas­ter­ies of the Rama­kri­shna Order. Tra­di­tion­al­ly it is sung on Ekadashi days. We include here the San­skrit Text, Eng­lish translit­er­a­tion, and also Ben­gali […]

A Song on Samadhi 1 & 2
Swami Atmajnanananda

Swa­mi Vivek­a­nanda tried to express the inex­press­ible expe­ri­ence of nirvikalpa samad­hi in a Ben­gali song, trans­lat­ed into Eng­lish as “A Song on Samad­hi”. Swa­mi Atma­jna­na­nanda takes this song as a tem­plate for dis­cussing Swa­mi Vivek­a­nanda and samad­hi in this two-part series, deliv­ered on Feb­ru­ary 24 and March 10, 2013. Swa­mi Vivekananda’s orig­i­nal com­po­si­tion can be […]

The Undivided Life
Swami Mahayogananda

What does it mean to live an “undi­vid­ed” life? Why do our lives feel frac­tured, divid­ed? What can bridge the divi­sions we feel in our life and cen­ter it, make it undi­vid­ed? Swa­mi Mahayo­ganan­da address­es these ques­tions in this lec­ture deliv­ered on Feb­ru­ary 17, 2013. [Audio clip: view full post to lis­ten] The Undi­vid­ed Life […]

Unconditional Grace
Swami Brahmarupananda

Swa­mi Brahma­rupa­nanda dis­cuss­es the Uncon­di­tion­al Grace of Sri Sara­da Devi, the Holy Moth­er, in this short talk deliv­ered on her birth­day cel­e­bra­tion, Jan­u­ary 6, 2013. The talk is about 27 min­utes long. [Audio clip: view full post to lis­ten] Uncon­di­tion­al Grace (right-click to down­load: 13 MB)

Resolutions for the New Year
Swami Atmajnanananda

The New Year is an aus­pi­cious time to take stock of our­selves, resolve to improve our­selves, and effect some real change in our lives. Swa­mi Atma­jna­na­nanda dis­cuss­es Res­o­lu­tions for the New Year or Reflec­tion, Res­o­lu­tion, and Change in this lec­ture deliv­ered on Decem­ber 30, 2012. See also his lec­ture on the same top­ic from 2011. […]

Eight Aphorisms of Sri Ramakrishna 1–7
Swami Brahmarupananda

In this series of talks, Swa­mi Brahma­rupa­nanda dis­cuss­es the teach­ings of Sri Rama­kri­shna, with Swa­mi Harshananda’s “Eight Apho­risms of Sri Rama­kri­shna” as a guide. (See the apho­risms here). First lec­ture: Apho­risms 1 & 2 Deliv­ered on Decem­ber 23, 2012. Eight Apho­risms of Sri Rama­kri­shna 1 (right-click to down­load: 18 MB) Sec­ond lec­ture: Apho­rism 3 Deliv­ered […]

Time and Eternity
Swami Mahayogananda

What is time? What does it mean to be eter­nal? Why do we feel like we nev­er have enough time? Swa­mi Mahayo­ganan­da dis­cuss­es some facets of these ques­tions in this lec­ture, deliv­ered on 16 Decem­ber 2012. At the end of the lec­ture, he also address­es the tragedy in New­ton, CT from a Vedan­tic per­spec­tive. [Audio […]

Ramakrishna, Christ, and the Incarnation
From The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

M: “How amaz­ing! A sim­i­lar thing hap­pened with two women at the time of Jesus. They too were sis­ters, and devot­ed to Christ. Martha and Mary.” MASTER (eager­ly): “Tell me the sto­ry.” M: “Jesus Christ, like you, went to their house with his devo­tees. At the sight of him one of the sis­ters was filled […]