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Are Christ and Buddha Identical?
Swami Vivekananda

It is my par­tic­u­lar fan­cy that the same Bud­dha became Christ. Bud­dha proph­e­sied, “I will come again in five hun­dred years”, and Christ came here in five hun­dred years. These are the two Lights of the whole human nature. Two men have been pro­duced, Bud­dha and Christ; these are the two giants, huge gigan­tic per­son­al­i­ties, […]

Swami Mahayogananda

Swa­mi Vivek­a­nanda defines tapas as “a kind of penance to “heat” the high­er nature,” and “a men­tal instru­ment with which to do every­thing.” Swa­mi Mahayo­ganan­da dis­cuss­es the prac­tice of tapas, in light of the Bha­gavad Gita and Swa­mi Vivekananda’s ideas, in this lec­ture deliv­ered on Novem­ber 18, 2012. [Audio clip: view full post to lis­ten] […]

Swami Swahanandaji Memorial Service

Swa­mi Atma­jna­na­nanda and a num­ber of devo­tees par­tic­i­pat­ed in the Memo­r­i­al Ser­vice for Swa­mi Swa­hanan­da­ji, at the Vedan­ta Cen­ter, on Novem­ber 11, 2012. This record­ing runs about 1.5 hours. [Audio clip: view full post to lis­ten] Swa­mi Swa­hanan­da­ji Memo­r­i­al Ser­vice (right-click to down­load: 42 MB) (We apol­o­gize for the record­ing qual­i­ty; a tech­ni­cal issue with […]

Guru: Principle, Power, and Person
Swami Mahayogananda

In this talk deliv­ered on Novem­ber 4, 2012, Swa­mi Mahayo­ganan­da dis­cuss­es the idea of the Guru or spir­i­tu­al teacher as a prin­ci­ple and a pow­er, and as a per­son. He address­es deal­ing with grief when one’s human guru leaves the body, and includes some of his rem­i­nis­cences of Swa­mi Swa­hanan­da­ji, who left his body on […]

Thank You!

Dear Friend/Devotee Many thanks for your con­tin­ued sup­port of the work at the Vedan­ta Cen­ter of Greater Wash­ing­ton, DC. .Your dona­tion has been processed, and trans­ac­tion details will be e-mailed to you. We thank you for your sup­port. The Vedan­ta Cen­ter is a 501(c)(3) non-prof­it orga­ni­za­tion, and dona­tions are tax-deductible. We send dona­tion receipts in Jan­u­ary […]

Śivastotram: a Hymn to Shiva by Swami Vivekananda

Swa­mi Vivek­a­nanda express­es pro­found devo­tion in this hymn to Shi­va, com­posed by him in San­skrit. The trans­la­tion is by Swa­mi Ashokanan­da. ॥शिवस्तोत्रम्॥ ॐ नमः शिवाय॥ निखिलभुवनजन्मस्थेमभङ्गप्ररोहाः अकलितमहिमानः कल्पिता यत्र तस्मिन्। सुविमलगगनाभे ईशसंस्थेऽप्यनीशे मम भवतु भवेऽस्मिन् भासुरो भावबन्धः॥१॥ निहतनिखिलमोहेऽधीशता यत्र रूढा प्रकटितपरप्रेम्णा यो महादेवसञ्ज्ञः अशिथिलपरिरम्भः प्रेमरूपस्य यस्य प्रणयति हृदि विश्वं व्याजमात्रं विभुत्वम्॥ २॥ वहति विपुलवातः पूर्वसंस्काररूपः […]

“Be Always Expecting Me” Swami Mahayogananda

A small inci­dent which took place per­haps 100 years ago, when a young monk meets Swa­mi Brah­manan­da, the pres­i­dent of the Rama­kri­shna Order, fur­nish­es the top­ic for this lec­ture by Swa­mi Mahayo­ganan­da, deliv­ered on August 26, 2012. [Audio clip: view full post to lis­ten] Be Always Expect­ing Me (right-click to down­load: 24 MB)­cast: Play […]

Essential Windows Applications

A lot of the Vedan­ta Cen­ter work is accom­plished using com­put­ers. We have found cer­tain free soft­ware appli­ca­tions to be near­ly indis­pens­able for our work. For our own ref­er­ence, as well as for the inter­est of oth­ers, we list the most use­ful appli­ca­tions here, along with links to the sites. All the soft­ware list­ed here […]

2011 Walkathon: Saturday November 19

Mem­bers and friends of the Vedan­ta Cen­ter plan to par­tic­i­pate again this year in the annu­al Fan­nie Mae Help the Home­less Walkathon. We will be walk­ing as guests of Matt Gibbs, who works for Fan­nie Mae, so there is no charge to par­tic­i­pate. Please down­load a form, print and sign it, and bring it with […]

Mandukya Upanishad Retreat
Swami Yogatmananda

Swa­mi Yogat­manan­da led a two-day retreat on the Man­dukya Upan­ishad. Five ses­sions are includ­ed, includ­ing a guid­ed med­i­ta­tion. The Swa­mi took ques­tions after some of the ses­sions. Lots of humor, along with pro­found teach­ings. Date: Novem­ber 12-13, 2011 Sat­ur­day: Ses­sion 1—Guided Med­i­ta­tion 34 min­utes. [Audio clip: view full post to lis­ten] Guid­ed Med­i­ta­tion (right-click to […]