E-mail security

We prob­a­bly all have noticed that many e-mail accounts are get­ting hacked. At the min­i­mum this is an embar­rass­ing annoy­ance; it can also be cat­a­stroph­ic, as when hack­ers delete all mails and con­tacts, or man­age to extract infor­ma­tion about bank accounts etc. So we strong­ly encour­age all of us to take a very sim­ple step of pro­tect­ing our accounts with “2-step ver­i­fi­ca­tion”. When one logs in to one’s e-mail from an unfa­mil­iar com­put­er, one will need an addi­tion­al code, which can be texted to one’s mobile phone. So, a would-be hack­er, unless he steals one’s cell phone, will not be able to access one’s account. This code will not be need­ed for one’s usu­al com­put­er.

Fol­low­ing are some links for com­mon and pop­u­lar e-mail ser­vices, on how and why to set up 2-step ver­i­fi­ca­tion.

Some of us have already been hacked, and for oth­ers, it may be any day now. Let’s take this sim­ple step to pro­tect our­selves.