Ramakrishna, Christ, and the Incarnation
From The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

M: “How amaz­ing! A sim­i­lar thing hap­pened with two women at the time of Jesus. They too were sis­ters, and devot­ed to Christ. Martha and Mary.”

MASTER (eager­ly): “Tell me the sto­ry.”

M: “Jesus Christ, like you, went to their house with his devo­tees. At the sight of him one of the sis­ters was filled with ecsta­t­ic hap­pi­ness. It reminds me of a song about Gau­ran­ga:

My two eyes sank in the sea of Gora’s heav­en­ly beau­ty
And did not come back to me again;
Down went my mind, as well, for­get­ting how to swim.

“The oth­er sis­ter, all by her­self, was arrang­ing the food to enter­tain Jesus. She com­plained to the Mas­ter, say­ing: ‘Lord, please judge for yourself—how wrong my sis­ter is! She is sit­ting in your room and I am doing all these things by myself.’ Jesus said: ‘Your sis­ter indeed is blessed. She has devel­oped the only thing need­ful in human life: love of God.’”

MASTER: “Well, after see­ing all this, what do you feel?”

M: “I feel that Christ, Chai­tanyade­va, and yourself—all three are one and the same. It is the same Per­son that has become all these three.”

MASTER: “Yes, yes! One! One! It is indeed one. Don’t you see that it is He alone who dwells here in this way.”

As he said this, Sri Rama­kri­shna point­ed with his fin­ger to his own body.

M: “You explained clear­ly, the oth­er day, how God incar­nates Him­self on earth.”

MASTER: “Tell me what I said.”

M: “You told us to imag­ine a field extend­ing to the hori­zon and beyond. It extends with­out any obstruc­tion; but we can­not see it on account of a wall in front of us. In that wall there is a round hole. Through the hole we see a part of that infi­nite field.”

MASTER: “Tell me what that hole is.”

M: “You are that hole. Through you can be seen everything—that Infi­nite Mead­ow with­out any end.”

Sri Rama­kri­shna was very much pleased. Pat­ting M.’s back, he said: “I see you have under­stood that. That’s fine!”

M: “It is indeed dif­fi­cult to under­stand that. One can­not quite grasp how God, Per­fect Brah­man that He is, can dwell in that small body.”

The Mas­ter quot­ed from a song:

Oh, no one at all has found out who He is;
Like a mad­man from door to door He roams,
Like a poor beg­gar He roams from door to door.

M: “You also told us about Jesus.”

MASTER: “What did I say?”

M: “You went into samad­hi at the sight of Jesus Christ’s pic­ture in Jadu Mallick’s gar­den house. You saw Jesus come down from the pic­ture and merge in your body.”

Sri Rama­kri­shna was silent a few moments. Then he said to M.: “Per­haps there is a mean­ing in what has hap­pened to my throat [refer­ring to the sore in his throat]. This has hap­pened lest I should make myself light before all; lest I should go to all sorts of places and sing and dance.” …

Sri Rama­kri­shna lay down inside the mos­qui­to cur­tain. M. fanned him. The Mas­ter turned on his side. He told M. how God incar­nates Him­self in a human body. He told him, fur­ther, about his, M.’s, spir­i­tu­al ide­al.

MASTER: “At the begin­ning I too passed through such states that I did not see divine forms. Even now I don’t see them often.”

M: “Among all the forms God choos­es for His lila, I like best His play as a human being.”

MASTER: “That is enough. And you are see­ing me.”