Sri Ramakrishna on the Knowledge of the Absolute

The attain­ment of the Absolute is called the Knowl­edge of Brah­man. But it is extreme­ly dif­fi­cult to acquire. One can­not acquire the Knowl­edge of Brah­man unless he com­plete­ly rids him­self of his attach­ment to the world. When the Divine Moth­er was born as the daugh­ter of King Himalaya, she showed her var­i­ous forms to her father. The king said, “I want to see Brah­man.” There­upon the Divine Moth­er said: “Father, if that is your desire, then you must seek the com­pa­ny of holy men. You must go into soli­tude, away from the world, and now and then live in holy com­pa­ny.”

The man­i­fold has come from the One alone, the rel­a­tive from the Absolute. There is a state of con­scious­ness where the many dis­ap­pears, and the One as well; for the many must exist as long as the One exists. Brah­man is with­out com­par­i­son. It is impos­si­ble to explain Brah­man by anal­o­gy. It is between light and dark­ness. It is Light, but not the light that we per­ceive, not mate­r­i­al light.

From The Gospel of Sri Rama­kri­shna, p. 307.