Spiritual Teachings of Swami Brahmananda

Just as the Ganges has its ebb and flow, so is there an ebb and flow in spir­i­tu­al moods at the begin­ning. But lat­er, as you con­tin­ue, there will come an even flow of the mind toward God.

Try dili­gent­ly to check this mad out­ward rush of your mind. You can do this suc­cess­ful­ly if you do not try to med­i­tate as soon as you sit down. First draw the mind back from its exter­nal pur­suits by means of dis­crim­i­na­tion, and lock it up inside, at the sacred feet of your Cho­sen Ide­al. Then make japa and med­i­tate. If you try dili­gent­ly to fol­low this course for some time, the mind will nat­u­ral­ly cease to wan­der.

The way of japa is the eas­i­est path to fol­low. By con­stant­ly per­form­ing japa the mind can eas­i­ly be made calm and steady, and final­ly it will lose itself in God. There­fore I ask you to per­form japa reg­u­lar­ly and often, and at the same time med­i­tate on the Cho­sen Ide­al. This com­bined prac­tice brings quick suc­cess.

Always prac­tice your dis­ci­plines with unswerv­ing stead­fast­ness and let not a sin­gle day pass with­out them. Whether you like it or not, sit down at the appoint­ed hour every day. If you can con­tin­ue your prac­tices for three years with unerr­ing reg­u­lar­i­ty, I assure you that love for God will grow in you and you will feel your­self near­er to him. Then you will be prompt­ed from with­in to call upon him and him only. Then you will not be able to turn your mind in any oth­er direc­tion. It is at this stage that the aspi­rant feels the joy of spir­i­tu­al life with­in the heart.

From The Eter­nal Com­pan­ion
by Swa­mi Prab­ha­vanan­da