Sri Ramakrishna’s Prayer:
“O Mother, I throw myself on Thy mercy…”

O Moth­er, I throw myself on Thy mer­cy;
I take shel­ter at Thy Hal­lowed Feet.
I do not want bod­i­ly com­forts;
I do not crave name and fame;
I do not seek the eight occult pow­ers.
Be gra­cious and grant that I may have pure love for Thee,
A love unsmit­ten by desire, untaint­ed by any self­ish ends—
A love craved by the devo­tee for the sake of love alone.
And grant me the favour, O Moth­er,
That I may not be delud­ed by Thy world-bewitch­ing maya,
That I may nev­er be attached to the world,
To ‘lust and gold’, con­jured up by Thy inscrutable maya!
O Moth­er, there is no one but Thee whom I may call my own.
Moth­er, I do not know how to wor­ship;
I am with­out aus­ter­i­ty;
I have nei­ther devo­tion nor knowl­edge.
Be gra­cious, Moth­er, and out of Thy infi­nite mer­cy,
Grant me love for Thy Lotus Feet.

From The Gospel of Sri Rama­kri­shna, p 731.