Sri Ramakrishna on the Path of Devotion

Bhak­tiyo­ga is the reli­gion for this age. But that does not mean that the lover of God will reach one goal and the philoso­pher and work­er anoth­er. It means that if a per­son seeks the Knowl­edge of Brah­man he can attain It by fol­low­ing the path of bhak­ti, too. God, who loves His devo­tee, can give him the Knowl­edge of Brah­man if He so desires.

By real­iz­ing the Divine Moth­er of the Uni­verse, you will get Knowl­edge as well as Devo­tion. You will get both. In bhā­va samād­hi you will see the form of God, and in nirvikalpa samād­hi you will real­ize Brah­man, the Absolute Exis­tence-Knowl­edge-Bliss. In nirvikalpa samād­hi ego, name, and form do not exist.

A lover of God prays to the Divine Moth­er: “O Moth­er, I am very much afraid of self­ish actions. Such actions have desires behind them, and if I per­form them I shall have to reap their fruit. But it is very dif­fi­cult to work in a detached spir­it. I shall cer­tain­ly for­get Thee, O Moth­er, if I involve myself in self­ish actions. There­fore I have no use for them. May my actions, O Divine Moth­er, be few­er every day till I attain Thee. May I per­form, with­out attach­ment to the results, only what action is absolute­ly nec­es­sary for me. May I have great love for Thee as I go on with my few duties. May I not entan­gle myself in new work so long as I do not real­ize Thee. But I shall per­form it if I receive Thy com­mand. Oth­er­wise not.”

The Gospel of Sri Rama­kri­shna, pp. 468–9.