Swami Vivekananda on Kali

How I used to hate Kali … and all Her ways! That was the ground of my six years’ fight—that I would not accept Her. But I had to accept Her at last! Rama­kri­shna Parama­ham­sa ded­i­cat­ed me to Her, and now I believe that She guides me in every­thing I do, and does with me what She will. … Yet I fought so long! I loved him, you see, and that was what held me. I saw his mar­vel­lous puri­ty. … I felt his won­der­ful love. … His great­ness had not dawned on me then. All that came after­wards when I had giv­en in. At that time I thought him a brain-sick baby, always see­ing visions and the rest. I hat­ed it. And then I, too, had to accept Her!

No, the thing that made me do it is a secret that will die with me. I had great mis­for­tunes at the time. … It was an oppor­tu­ni­ty. … She made a slave of me. Those were the very words: ‘a slave of you’. And Rama­kri­shna Parama­ham­sa made me over to Her. … Strange! He lived only two years after doing that, and most of the time he was suf­fer­ing. Not more than six months did he keep his own health and bright­ness. …

The future, you say, will call Rama­kri­shna Parama­ham­sa an Incar­na­tion of Kali? Yes, I think there’s no doubt that She worked up the body of Rama­kri­shna for Her own ends.

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You see, I can­not but believe that there is some­where a great Pow­er that thinks of Her­self as fem­i­nine, and called Kali and Moth­er. … And I believe in Brah­man too. … But is it not always like that? Is it not the mul­ti­tude of cells in the body that make up the per­son­al­i­ty, the many brain-cen­tres, not the one, that pro­duce con­scious­ness? … Uni­ty in com­plex­i­ty! Just so! And why should it be dif­fer­ent with Brah­man? It is Brah­man. It is the One. And yet—and yet—it is the gods too!

The Mas­ter as I Saw Him, by Sis­ter Nivedi­ta