Teachings of Holy Mother

You may say that you have done so much of japa or so much of work; but noth­ing will avail. Nobody can achieve any­thing unless Mahamaya clears the way. Oh, my chil­dren, take refuge, just take refuge. Then alone she will clear the way out of her mer­cy. … Once in sum­mer at Kamarpukur, a heavy show­er had filled up the fields, and water over­flowed from the ponds. The Mas­ter was wad­ing through water when pro­ceed­ing by the side of the sweep­er colony. As the cat­fish came out of the ponds, the peo­ple around began to beat and catch them. One of the fish kept swim­ming near about the Master’s feet. So he said, “Don’t you kill this one. See how it seeks my pro­tec­tion and plays round. It will be so good if one of you car­ries it to the Hal­darpukur.” Then he him­self took it up and released it in the pond. Return­ing home he said, “Ah, if any­one seeks pro­tec­tion in this way, one is saved.”

* * *

Repeat­ing the Name of God a fixed num­ber of times, telling the rosary or count­ing on fin­gers, is cal­cu­lat­ed to direct the mind to God. The nat­ur­al ten­den­cy of the mind is to run this way and that way. Through these means it is attract­ed to God. While repeat­ing the name of God, if one sees his form and becomes absorbed in him, one’s japa stops. One gets every­thing when one suc­ceeds in med­i­ta­tion.

I took Ambi­en at https://signanthealth.com/ambien-treat-insomnia/ for two weeks and then ceased. Dur­ing this time, sleep was restored, I began to sleep myself out. There were no with­draw­al syn­dromes. There­fore, the ric­o­chet insom­nia indi­cat­ed in the instruc­tions also passed past me, per­haps because I did not take it for so long.

* * *

True it is that there is no hard and fast rule about the time of japa, yet morn­ing and evening are the favor­able peri­ods. What­ev­er the time be, you must do japa every day. It is not good to for­go it any day.