The Real Temple of the Lord
Swami Premananda

We should nev­er for­get that our real object is to enshrine the Lord in the heart of every man in the world, for the real tem­ple of the Lord is the human heart. There with­in the heart of every man the ground has to be con­se­crat­ed, for it has been defiled by the pro­fan­i­ty of world­ly desires and plea­sures. There on that con­se­crat­ed ground let the tem­ple of Divine Com­mu­nion be raised and the over­flow­ing bliss of the Supreme Good reign. Infi­nite Bliss from with­in, that is the idea. Let the devo­tee be flood­ed over by this Bliss from with­in. Preach­ing is real only when this Bliss pro­vides for its own preach­ing. One devo­tee over­flow­ing from with­in with this Divine Bliss is worth a mil­lion dol­lars of pro­pa­gan­dist devices. One real tem­ple raised in the human heart is worth dozens of tem­ples built out­side. Remem­ber that our object is real­ly to raise the tem­ple from with­in.

I pray that our Lord may show­er His bless­ings upon you more and more, as He is doing, till your life becomes per­vad­ed through and through by a blessed­ness which is His love, which is He Him­self. May you be sub­merged in the real­i­ty of His Pres­ence. With lov­ing bless­ings to all,

Yours in the Lord,
(From a let­ter writ­ten to Sis­ter Deva­ma­ta,
repro­duced from Days in an Indi­an Monastery)