Here are two San­skrit words: Pravṛt­ti, which means revolv­ing towards, and the oth­er is Nivṛt­ti, which means revolv­ing away. The “revolv­ing towards” is what we call the world, the “I and mine”; it includes all those things which are always enrich­ing that “me” by wealth and mon­ey and pow­er, and name and fame, and which are of a grasp­ing nature, always tend­ing to accu­mu­late every­thing in one cen­ter, that cen­ter being “myself.” That is the Pravṛt­ti, the nat­ur­al ten­den­cy of every human being; tak­ing every­thing from every­where and heap­ing it around one cen­ter, that cen­ter being our own sweet self. When this ten­den­cy begins to break, when it is Nivṛt­ti, or “going away from,” then begin moral­i­ty and reli­gion. … Nivṛt­ti is the fun­da­men­tal basis of all moral­i­ty and all reli­gion, and the very per­fec­tion of it is entire self-abne­ga­tion, readi­ness to sac­ri­fice mind and body and every­thing for anoth­er being. When we reach that state, we have attained to the per­fec­tion of Kar­ma Yoga.
—Swa­mi Vivek­a­nanda

 Arise, Awake!

Ded­i­cat­ed to “One’s own lib­er­a­tion and the wel­fare of the world,” the Vedan­ta Cen­ter of Greater Wash­ing­ton, DC is a branch of the Rama­kri­shna Order of India. Though found­ed in 1997, its roots draw from Swa­mi Vivekananda’s vis­its to the USA in the 1890s, and from the immemo­r­i­al wis­dom of the Upan­ishadic sages. (more…)

Vedan­ta: A phi­los­o­phy, a reli­gion, a way of life. “I am the Self of the uni­verse, I am eter­nal­ly blessed, eter­nal­ly free”—this is the mes­sage of Vedan­ta. (more…)

December 2020 Program

 It looks like we are fac­ing many more months of par­tial shut­down of our cen­ter. Indi­vid­ual devo­tees may come to the cen­ter for med­i­ta­tion, evening arati, etc., but we will not have any pub­lic lec­tures or class­es. For the fore­see­able future, we will con­tin­ue with our Zoom class­es, Live Stream­ing, and YouTube pre­sen­ta­tions.

We are espe­cial­ly sor­ry to inform you that our annu­al Christ­mas Eve pro­gram will be can­celled for the first time since the cen­ter was start­ed in 1997. We are hop­ing to have a video pre­sen­ta­tion of Christ­mas Car­ols and Read­ings per­formed by our Sum­mer Camp Kids and shown via YouTune on the night of Decem­ber 14th. We will also try to make our New Year’s Eve pro­gram avail­able via Live Stream­ing from 11pm to mid­night on Decem­ber 31. Our Kalpataru Puja on the first of Jan­u­ary will also be shown via Live Stream­ing from 11 am to 1 pm. All oth­er class­es and lec­tures will be the same as before. You can find the links on the Home­page of our Web­site. On the 27th, Dr. Jef­fery Long will be our guest speak­er. We will show his talk via Zoom (see link below) so that we can have an oppor­tu­ni­ty for ques­tions and answers at the con­clu­sion of his talk.
A. Sun­day 11 am lec­ture top­ics are:
6 Swa­mi Atma­jna­na­nanda:  Maya, The Great Enchantress
13 Swa­mi Chid­brah­manan­da:  The Ocean’s Edge
20 Swa­mi Brahma­rupa­nanda:  The King and the Cart­man
27 Dr. Jef­frey Long*:  Jesus as a Teacher of Vedan­ta (Zoom ses­sions fol­lowed by ques­tions and answers)
* Pro­fes­sor of Reli­gion and Asian Stud­ies
Eliz­a­beth­town Col­lege
Eliz­a­beth­town, PA
The link for Jef­frey Long’s talk on Decem­ber 27th is:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86373720413

Week­ly Lec­ture with Sw. A, B, or C: (Youtube)


B. Class­es

Mon­day @ 8pm  (New class)

Raja Yoga  with Swa­mi A
Tues­day @ 11am
     Teach­ings of Swa­mi Vivek­a­nanda with Sw. A.
Wednes­day @ 8pm
     Bha­gavad Gita with Sw. B.
Thurs­day @ 11am 
     Inte­ri­or Cas­tles - St. Tere­sa of Avi­la with Sw. C.
Fri­day @ 8pm
     Gospel of Sri Rama­kri­shna with Sw. A.

Vedanta Medical Clinic 

Vedan­ta Med­ical Clin­ic is now open and pro­vid­ing free med­ical ser­vice. See the clin­ic fli­er.

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Food Dri­ve: We are accept­ing dona­tions of non-per­ish­able food items, in con­junc­tion with Man­na Food Cen­ter, for an unex­pect­ed­ly large increase in need. (more…)                                                   

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